Episode 1-1

Xilix tomb upper level

A pack of outcast ratkin led by a wretch raided Netherhearth at night, blinding Guvdal the baker and abducting and devouring his infant daughter.

You joined the hunt to track them down. En route you were attacked by the wretch’s rat horde which it had sent to delay you, but with the help of Caitlin, a young priestess of Kirine, you managed to track them to their hideout.

The hideout turned out to be some kind of ancient xilix temple or tomb set in the wall of an underground ravine of breathtaking size. The ratkin ambushed you inside the tomb, but you cut them all down while dodging the tomb’s ancient traps.

You finally had the wounded wretch leader cornered, when it inadvertently set off a trap that tore apart an ancient petrified xilix corpse in bizarre armour, and simultaneously smashed a glass dome releasing a swarm of glowing spiders. The wretch was engulfed and died in agony. Etoh was then swarmed by the creatures, but together you managed to overcome them.

After catching your breath, you carefully explored the tomb, wary of further traps. Other than the few wretched and filthy possessions of the ratkin, the place seemed empty. However, you noticed that the smashed dome that had contained the spiders led down to another level about ten feet below. Some of the chains that had held up the xilix corpse were dangling down into the hole providing a way to climb down.

Episode 1-1

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