Episode 1-4

Heeding the riddle

Following the arrows, you fled through the Underdark tunnels, desperate to outrun the ratkin horde converging on you. Despite a tricky climb and a tricky descent along the way, you managed to stay ahead thanks to Grindle’s eagle-eyed perceptiveness and unfailing sense of direction.

You then emerged onto a vast, ancient bridge of xilix design spanning an enormous cavern, the horde close behind. However, all the commotion had attracted the attention of a hive of slitterspawn who laired below the bridge. They began to overrun the bridge in increasing numbers as you fought your way forward, foot by foot. Finally, one of the larger specimens of the species, a Hivelord, clambered up and briefly engaged the party before turning its attention to the horde of rat-kind emerging from the tunnel. The Hivelord annihilated the front ranks of the rat horde with a blast of potent acid before launching itself in pursuit of the rest. However, as it left, its weight caused part of the bridge to crumble which led to a 40’ span of the edifice tilting and falling with a thunderous boom into the depths. The way back to Netherhearth was now barred.

However, that was now the least of your concerns. Although Leo managed to leap off the toppling section of bridge seconds before it tumbled completely, a few moments earlier Etoh had attempted to leap over a five foot gap in the bridge surface, but had lost his footing and slipped … with disastrous consequences. He fell through the gap, failed to catch himself on the rim, and fell over 100 feet to his doom in the depths of the cavern below.

Leo and Grindle fled through the tunnel at the far end of the bridge, continuing for several minutes so as to put a safe distance between themselves and the horrors behind them, before stopping in a small rocky alcove breathless, exhausted, and numb with grief and shock.

Episode 1-4

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