Episode 1-9

The invasion

Positioning yourselves next to the river so that the ratkin would have a harder time surrounding you, you readied for their onslaught. The fight was short and brutal, and you prevailed mainly by using Leo and Stanley’s area-of-effect magic to drive off the horde of lesser ratkin, before charging and cutting down the slingers.

As you drew near Deepknoll, the thatch roofs of both distant Calcoth and nearby Deepknoll started burning. Once you were at the edge of the village, you could make out ratkin gambolling about on the roofs and in the streets, silhouetted by the flames, smashing and defacing everything they could get their hands on. You also caught a stomach-churning glimpse of a group of them fighting over the corpse of a soldier.

You managed to stealthily approach very near to Quill’s dwelling before a slinger on a roof spotted you and raised the alarm, which triggered a frantic melee as wave upon wave of attackers swarmed to overwhelm you. During the chaos, Leo managed to locate Marnie and Seb’s bodies hidden under a rug in their dwelling, the corpses covered in rats feeding on their flesh. Shortly after, Grindle broke away from the fighting to give Seb a quick and macabre – but effective – autopsy, identifying his cause of death as a narrow but deep puncture wound to the heart, perhaps caused by something like a thin stiletto blade.

As the hordes of rat-kind came in waves, the group considered holding their easily defensible position in the dwelling … until the roof was set on fire by the ratkin. Shortly after, the four of you surged out of the dwelling, and with competent planning, and a bit of luck, managed to break free from the melee and start running back to the White Tower with the horde in frenzied pursuit.

Episode 1-9

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