Episode 2-10

The spiralling artifice

The five of you made your way along now-familiar Underdark tunnels, through Scrim Palace and the humid cavern abutting the subterranean jungle, before arriving at the floating platform. Grindle activated the artifice at its centre, and you were carried along for about an hour before the tunnel finally ended. After disembarking you continued down a wide tunnel emerging into a cavern containing a pool of water; another piece of artifice set into a pedestal, similar to the one that powered the floating disc, was just visible above the level of the pool’s surface.

As you approached the pool, you were attacked by a bizarre creature that laired in the cavern: an amorphous blob of viscous faceted crystal with highly corrosive attacks and the ability to split when damaged. However, luck was with you, and you were able to defeat the horror without significant injury.

After a short rest, Grindle activated the artifice in the pool causing the rotating platform it was set on to rise out of the water and start ascending up a circular shaft in the ceiling. Above you the chittering of ratkin was audible …

Episode 2-10

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