Episode 2-4

Mopping up some ratkin

A few days later, the three of you plus Stanley, Lareth and Cole, laid an ambush for one of the last wretch-led groups of ratkin remaining from the siege. Using Grindle’s precognitive ritual, you lured them into a trap where the six of you were able to decimate them. The wretch leader was killed, and only three of their number survived to flee into the depths of the Underdark.

Two days later you set off to investigate the Golden Age ruins despite Viceroy Quill having prohibited it. Surprisingly, Stanley – normally biddable and obedient – was enthusiastic about the venture; it seemed he was growing increasingly disgruntled with the new viceroy’s rude and dismissive treatment of both him and your group as a whole.

Gaining entrance to the ruins was achieved unsubtly: Leo used his powers to wrench one of the ancient stone doors from its frame. Inside was a once-grand room, now partially flooded and rank. Your noisy entrance drew the attentions of some mutated Maw snakes that laired within, similar to the ones you had fought on your way through the cavern the first time. They slithered forward to attack.

Episode 2-4

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