Episode 2-7

The temple cache

After the unsettling encounter with the adult reptilian shape-shifter, you observed that you had attracted the attention of some other denizens of the subterranean jungle: dozens of strange twisted multi-coloured asymmetrical frog-like creatures, which began converging on you. You quickly made your way to the remaining unexplored corridor leading from the main chamber. It was bisected by a raging torrent where an underground river had caused a section of floor to collapse, but you crossed this obstacle and made your way to the room at the end of the corridor.

There you found the decayed remains of some kind of living quarters. Searching the room you found a plinth – the original resting place of the crystal artifice that had been repurposed to create the magical barrier blocking access to the main jungle cavern – as well as three carved panels on the wall. Behind these panels there had once been caches of magical artifice useful for emergencies. One remained unopened, and in this you discovered several pieces of artifice that could prove very useful to you in your adventures.

While making your way back down the corridor to the main chamber the encroaching frog creatures launched their attack; when they “croaked” they emitted some kind of sonic pulse with enough power to crack stone. However, you managed to withstand their gauntlet of attacks, regroup in the main chamber, form an impregnable defensive position, and eventually kill enough to dissuade the rest from pressing the attack. Shortly after, you left the temple and returned to Netherhearth.

Episode 2-7

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