Otherworldly investigations

Your group was approached by the 13 year old twins, Dolan and Shay. Leo’s efforts to ingratiate himself with the community after the ratkin siege had given them the confidence to now confide in you with their secret: they are sorcerers, too. Shay can perceive things at a distance, particularly living beings, while Dolan seems to be able to bolster the strength and range of her ability.

During a moment of pain and fear during the ratkin attack, Dolan had somehow boosted Shay’s abilities to such an extent that her perception expanded exponentially to engulf part of the universe, though her mind was too overwhelmed to take it all in. It was then that some ancient god-thing attempted to make contact with her; however, by then her mind was overly taxed and she fell into a brief coma.

You all agreed to make the attempt again, this time bolstered by Varian’s shared psychic link. It worked as planned, and you felt your minds touched by a fading, despairing deity. It showed you an entire world corrupted by the stuff of the Maw. Then it showed you a depiction of the planet in a previous age; a world of enormous cities of metal and stone where magic was replaced with strange technologies. To allow you to fully experience events, your psyches were merged with three of the world’s people who bore more than a passing resemblance to each of you.

You relived a three day period as seen through the eyes of those whose bodies you were “riding”. They had been charged with investigating what seemed to be merely an unusual property ownership query. However, over the course of the investigations, which turned increasingly violent and supernaturally horrific, it became clear that the investigation hinged on events caused by the supernatural entity known as the Maw. Although your doppelgangers succeeded in thwarting the Maw and its agents, it seemed clear that they had simply delayed the inevitable for that world.

With its message imparted, the despairing god-thing finally allowed itself to succumb to dissolution. Your minds were then reunited with your bodies, leaving you exhausted, but better informed about the nature of the Maw and the terrible risk it poses to the world of Gyre.


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