When you were each about 14 years old, you had an encounter with a rat horde and the juvenile ratkin wretch that controlled it.

A boy called Devin had been dared by the bully Karnak to enter the Rat Warrens, a forbidden maze of narrow tunnels. Devin subsequently fell down a shaft and broke his leg. You were nearby and decided to act immediately rather than wait for adults to be fetched.

The juvenile ratkin wretch – probably an outcast of its kind – discovered Devin lying helpless, and tried to lure others into the cave before making its attack. However, with your budding powers you overcame the wretch and its rat horde and, through a combination of luck and skill, managed to save Devin as well. In the days after the battle, Etoh became gravely ill with Filth Fever caught from a bite, but was saved by the rituals of the Knitting Circle, priestesses of Kirine.

Although gently reprimanded for taking matters into your own hands, your success in saving Devin brought you all considerable kudos.


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