Episode 2-11

The ascent

The spinning disc carried you inexorably up into the domain of a tribe of ratkin different from the ones that menaced Netherhearth. These ones had no slingers or wretches; instead their arsenal consisted of bone darts tipped with flint, and crude bone-and-hide cages of juvenile bloodwings, which they attempted to release on top of you. However, in the frantic combat that followed, Leo was able to destroy many of the cages, turning the bloodwings against their own captors. After killing almost two dozen of the ratkin, the rest fled in terror. Shortly afterwards the platform reached the top of the shaft, and you all disembarked to rest after your ordeal.

Pressing on through a nearby tunnel, you entered a slitterspawn hive. They swarmed to attack from many directions, and you were hard pressed to prevent them overwhelming you. The fight was long and terrible, and Cole was almost slain by the enormous acid blast of a hivelord. However, your ever-growing powers finally ended the struggle in emphatic fashion, when Leo ravaged the hivelord with a devastating sequence of magical attacks.

Desperate to escape the acrid slitterspawn hive, you stumbled down the exit tunnel into a blaze of orange light emanating from an inconceivably vast space. After a moment Grindle realised you must be facing east and looking outside into the rising sun. You moved forward shielding your eyes from the light. On the threshold of the exit from the cave tunnel the five of you exchanged final poignant looks with each other.

Then you stepped out into the sunlit world…

Episode 2-11

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