Episode 1-2

Xilix tomb lower level

Leaving Caitlin by the tomb entrance, and disregarding her comment that you seemed to be heading into great danger with no guarantee of any worthwhile gain, you descended to the bottom level of the xilix tomb (Grindle rather inelegantly).

You soon came upon another xilix corpse ritually suspended in chains, and inadvertently set off a trap that shattered the corpse. This, in turn, set off a gauntlet of further traps, both magical and mechanical (dart traps, a rolling spiked ball containing an animated spider, a pit that generated another glowing spider swarm, hordes of ratkin skeletons, and a couple of xilix skeletons). Fortunately, most of them had been rendered ineffective through the passing of centuries. After overcoming these perils, Grindle was able to safely open a magically trapped door blocking your way by using her Ritual of Psychic Senses, revealing the final chamber of the tomb.

Waiting inside was a strange xilix artifact: a jeweller sceptre shaped like a talon that emits a distinguishing magical “signature”. However, removing it from its plinth activated the animated corpse of some kind of enormous xilix matriarch, which attacked you. Though the magic sustaining it had all but failed, it still proved to be a stern test of your skills, though you were triumphant in the end.

Episode 1-2

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