Episode 2-2

Matilde’s demise

A frantic combat ensued. The thing that Matilde had become flailed at you with supernatural strength while attacking you psychically, all the while teleporting sporadically around the cavern. At the same time, the slithering maws sang their maddening tunes, filling your heads with insane hallucinations until you couldn’t tell friend from foe. In the end, though, what could have been a deadly fight was ultimately handled very ably, using a combination of Varian’s stoic defence and constraining Mind Web, Grindle’s precognitive grace and support abilities, and a couple of stunning examples of Leo’s raw power. However, when the Matilde-thing finally went down, the insects kept swarming and the feeling of wrongness persisted, suggesting that Matilde’s transformation was just another symptom of whatever was causing all the horror in the first place.

After fleeing the cave, you found out that Olaf’s sheep had remained unmanageable after you left, biting the finger off a young boy and butting another boy into the river who had to be rescued.

You reported back to Viceroy Quill. Although he accepted that there had been something nasty in the tomb, he was sceptical of the specifics, thinking perhaps that you had been attacked by some kind of predatory ooze capable of emitting hallucinogenic fumes. He sent guards to stand watch near the tomb to stop anyone approaching, and gave orders for it to be sealed up the next day. He also ordered the three of you to reinforce the “predatory ooze” story with others (regardless of whether you believed it to be true) saying that the last thing that Netherhearth needs following the horrors of the ratkin siege is the spread of superstitious dread and panic.

Episode 2-2

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