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The ratkin menace
Episode 1-1: Xilix tomb upper level
Episode 1-2: Xilix tomb lower level
Episode 1-3: In need of dreamwort
Episode 1-4: Heeding the riddle
Episode 1-5: The riddle’s author
Episode 1-6: Answers and questions
Episode 1-7: Getting home
Episode 1-8: The eve of the siege
Episode 1-9: The invasion
Episode 1-10: Defending the tower
Episode 1-11: Defending the Skystone
Episode 1-12: Confronting the ratkin leader
Episode 1-13: The saving of Netherhearth

Netherhearth adventures
Episode 2-1: The restless tomb
Episode 2-2: Matilde’s demise
Episode 2-3: Revisiting the xilix tomb
Interlude: Otherworldly investigations
Episode 2-4: Mopping up some ratkin
Episode 2-5: Investigating the Golden Age temple
Episode 2-6: The mysteries of the temple
Episode 2-7: The temple cache
Episode 2-8: The harvest festival
Episode 2-9: The viceroy’s master
Episode 2-10: The spiralling artifice
Episode 2-11: The ascent

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